Welcome to the automatic beerbrewer! is a private project that will let me brew beer faster and more controlled with automated temperature and pump control.

Hopefully one day it will be stable and can be used for other beer enthusiests.



this can take a long time to build!

First of all im no programmer and im no web-designer. My plan is to make a website that can control brewkettles. I want to do this because i have a brewkettle that is pretty stupid so i want to add some intelligence to it. Sometimes i mess up with heating and the sparge and everything so the brewsession takes 9-10 hours… I know it is too long. So i want to shorten it by automating everything and learn how to program. So this is my learn how to program project.

The plan

  • Website has useraccounts that have recipes.
  • Brewkettle is connecting to webapplication.
    • Brewkettle sends data to webapp.
    • Webapp is giving Brewkettle instructions. In my case. Trun on/off kettle or pump.
  • Batch is done
  • Beer is fermenting
  • Pictures are uploaded.
  • Friends drink beer.
  • Beer is finished.
  • Brewkettle is connecting to webapplication… repeat…

I have made an application that does all this in the terminal but since im new to programming its not really that neat and tidy. No gui can be connected to this application.

setup details

My Brewkettle Raspberry Pi

Since my Bielmeier 29L is so stupid i had to pimp it up a little bit.

Here are some of the stuff i added to the brewkettle it self. - Lauterhelix for filtering - Thermowell for thermometer - pump for circulation

Raspberry Pi

  • The Raspberry pi has a keyes sr1y relay to control electricity to pump and beerkettle
  • The Raspberry pi has a DS18B20 thermometer that i use in the thermowell to measuer the temperature in the brew kettle.
  • Connection to the internet for instructions.
  • Plan is to add a batterypack if the electricity gets cut off.


Alright, how long have i come in this project?

  • 2016-09-12
    • I have figured out how to make it in theory. Now i need to learn about API / login / authentication.